“Dragon Fly” German Female Artist Charlotte Eschenlohr

German female artist Charlotte Eschenlohr’s solo exhibition“Dragon Fly” will grandly open at WITHSPACE Gallery on 22nd June, 2013. This exhibition will show artist’s two types of latest works, one is Acrylic painting on digital print and the other is drawing on paper.

Charlotte Eschenlohr’s paintings are a mixture of photograph, collage and acrylic painting, the combination of different kind of art makes a surprising esthetic scene. Photography itself is an independent art form actually; Charlotte Eschenlohr makes the photos as background of acrylic painting, making it an astonishing stack effect. This is not a simple “making them together” thing but an artistic processing. The photos themselves are telling us stories, which are either simple or complex, either happy or distressed, all the stories in the photos are true reflection of artist’s mood at certain moment. But when artist drawing again on the photos, the works were changed in a subtle way,They were fulfilled with another story. Two layers combined into one scene and a subtle chemical reaction was shown on it. It is rich and colorful paintings impression viewer so much that people cannot help to stop and stare at it. And in Charlotte Eschenlohr’s painting we also see the in the succession of the new German expressionism which happened in late 70's and early 80's. They focus on painting itself and go strong on showing paintings as they are. They are exploring every aspect of art including color, form and content trying to find a unequal language that belong to art itself only.

And in her drawings, Artist uses the seemingly simple lines to sketch complicate relationship between people. In her works depicted part of a story, mostly got it from our daily life, through the rough lines, bright colors, to show the artist's tenderly emotion. Those paper works are not big in size, its story-telling style makes it simple and easy to understand, and also close to life. Artist use concentrated way to show its image in an outstanding vivid picture and let it show works vivid stereo.

It is hard to imagine that the artist MS Eschenlohr was a very successful business woman, seemingly this absolutely two jobs are not related, but in her works burst out of brilliant spark. Accurate figures gave her the delicate feelings. Deft strokes, flexible thinking gave her inspiration. we selected “dragon fly” to be her exhibition title because of in her art works appear the image of dragon, highlighted artist deep love to China, identification of the Chinese culture. Since ancient times, the dragon as a symbol has been recognized by the world all the time. Dragon always is the symbol of the Chinese nation. It contains a kind of awe and yearning, and upward hope. This is our held for her first solo exhibition at china original attention.


“龙图腾”德国女性艺术家夏洛特埃森洛尔个展 前言 ——唐越

2013年6月22日,德国女性艺术家Charlotte Eschenlohr(夏洛特.埃森洛尔)的个展“Dragon Fly(龙图腾)”在WITHSPACE画廊隆重开幕 。本次展览将展出艺术家两种类型的新作,一类为综合材质的绘画,一类为纸上作品。



很难想象,艺术家 Charlotte Eschenlohr(夏洛特.埃森洛尔)曾是一名成功的商界女性,过往的经历和看似毫不相干的背景却意外地赋予了她的作品一种独特的情感触角,细腻灵动地视觉表达。我们将此次展览的主题命名为“Dragon Fly(龙图腾)”系列,因为艺术家作品中频频出现龙的形象,彰显着艺术家对中国的深沉热爱,对中国文化的认同。自古以来,龙一直作为中国形象的一个标志被世界所认同,龙代表着中华民族的精神,它蕴含着一种敬畏和向往,一种向上的希望。这也是我们此次为她在中国举办首个个展的初衷。展览将持续至7月中旬。