ThenewNew - Charlotte Eschenlohr’s first solo exhibition at XC.HuA-Gallery Berlin.

The title of the exhibition, ThenewNew, is inspired by Instagram language and symbolizes the steadily accelerating times. The new series underlines the overloaded visual information and creates a mixed style between figurative and abstract painting. Femininity, sexuality, and the ancient motif of Amor and Psyche, are eternal topics of humankind set into the contemporary dialogue.

ThenewNew works create an impression of space and depth through their intense dark and high-contrast compositions. Power, strength and seduction. Seas of flowers, photographs of feminine silhouettes, inspiration from fashion magazines and mythology. The artwork shows a subtle but clear paradigm shift. Four bodies of work are exhibited including; paintings, photocollages on canvas (mixed media), cut-out series, and ThenewNew installation.